To whomever is reading this,

I believe that every photograph has a story to tell. We just have to work and find how we want to tell that story. I honestly feel that there are deep emotions, reason, a moment that we are trying to capture. I feel connected to people in a way that is so hard for me to express. My heart aches to learn about others and to be able to get to know who people are and to see happiness and good in everyone. Even the most hateful people care and love another, and if we can see that, then we can see good in all things. Call me foolish, but I do not believe there is complete darkness. The light may be dim, but if we care for others, then we can make that light shine brighter. We just have to learn their story and be open about it. We have to be selfless and not selfish.

I'm passionate about making world a better place. Not that there is anything wrong with it but it could use of light sometimes and we only have a minute to do so. Let's take care of the people around us. Let's do something that will help this world out in such an amazing way.

My name is Robert, I'm a photographer, and I want to tell your story.


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Some selected accolades

2017 People Choice Award Winner Creative Jam By Adobe

20 Years of Tomb Raider ISBN-10: 0744016908 Tom Braider - The Male Lara Croft Cosplayer Male Tomb Raider Is...Tom Braider

2013-2016 DPS Photo Competition

2013 First Year Experience Exhibition

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