Robert Meares and Isaac Cabrera present "Tom Braider: An Adventure In Cosplay"

Robert Meares and Isaac Cabrera present "Tom Braider: An Adventure In Cosplay"

By Robert Meares

Isaac Cabrera is probably one of the coolest guys you will ever meet. His love and dedication to the Tomb Raider community is unconditional. I mean this guy loves Tomb Raider so much, no doubt about it. When I first met Isaac, it was in the Digital Print Studio at our university. He works there printing photographs for the students, and when he is not working he's constantly producing art and pushing his love for art to a new level. He even carries a huge Wacom Tablet everywhere he goes. He has so much passion in this world and he wants to share it with everyone. With so much inspiration and talent to give to the world, I know that he will go far with his career. Also, anyone in his right mind would want to hire him. They would be fools not to. I mean come on look at his work. How awesome is that?!


You can see more of his work at: or at and

Below is one of his amazing works of art. 




Sometime in March he got in touch with me to do a Cosplay shoot.

4:00 am on April 26 the day was here, it was time, finally. With gear packed and the car loaded I headed to Isaac's place. We then loaded the car with all the tomb raider gear from axes to bows to even a grenade. At about 7:30 am we left and went to our good friend Francisco Guerra to get started with makeup. 

You can see more of Francisco Guerra work here:

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An hour or so later with all the makeup done, we headed to say our goodbyes and started our way to the shoot location in Mt. Lemmon, AZ. At first we were a little worried about the weather. It was cold, wet and rainy but as we climbed the 10,000 ft mountain we thought, "This is perfect" It was just like the game. There was snow at the top of the mountain, which gave us so many opportunities and new ideas for the shoot. Our excitement was constantly increasing. That is ‘till we stepped outside of the car : with 28º weather plus the wind chill and let me tell you, there was plenty of wind. It was freezing out there. Now, keep in mind that Isaac was only wearing a tank-top and his pants had holes in them to match the costume of Lara Croft. Isaac is a man of dedication that is for sure. Each shot we did in the snow lasted about 10-20 minutes and between each scene change we would sit in the car about 10 minutes with the heater on trying to get some feelings back in our hands. Then we went back and shot some more. It was great though. We had a wonderful time and kept our heads high. We wanted to get the right shot and we were going to achieve this, no matter what it took.

After freezing in the snow, we decided to head down the mountain and find another location. It took a bit to find a place that we liked, but we finally did. It just took some hiking to get to it. Once we got there, we unpacked and started shooting. With the help of the Einstein™ E640 Flash Unit I was able to pull off some neat shots by using the sun that was coming through the trees on one side and using the Einstein on the other to fill in some of the shadows.


After a long day of shooting, night finally fell and it was time to do some night shots. This was very exciting and a whole new experience because we got to shoot with fire. We actually made torches out of a wet branch so it did not burn, an old white shirt and some camping fuel. Then, we let up some of the foreground with a kiss of light using the Einstein strobe. The shots took a bit of trial and error, but we finally got the shot we were looking for.

This is the first time I've done a Cosplay shoot and I have to say it has been a wonderful experience. I have learned a lot. There are many things that I would have done differently but one thing is for sure : doing something new can be challenging. You are constantly running into obstacles that you must hurdle over. Also, everything didn't go as planned, but we kept moving forward not letting anything stand in our way. We were able to accomplish what we intended to do but only by taking the time and not being discouraged from what you dream.

You mustn't ever give up on what you believe in or dream of. All things are possible, you just have to work hard at it.


- Einstein strobe

- Various light stands

- Manfrotto Carbon Fiber tripod

- Wireless transceivers for flashes

- 1 MacBook pros

- 1 TB HDD

- Fog machine

- 7 pounds of dry ice

- Camping fuel

- Tea kettle

- Heat can


- 2 Canon 5D mk3 cameras

- Canon A1 film camera

- Go Pro Hero 3 Black

- 70-200 mm lens

- 24-70 2.8 mm lens

- 70-200 4.0 mm lens

- 50 1.8 mm lens

- Canon 430 II flash

- 3 Yungyo flashes

- 2 LED light blocks




All props made possible by Tara Cash and Isaac Cabrera:

you can visit them here at:

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